The following are some auto insurance tips you should consider.

1.When renting a vehicle it is a good idea to take pictures of all sides of the rental with your phone to eliminate any discrepancies when returning it.  It will show the condition of the vehicle at the time you rented it.  Take close ups of any damage that may already be on the car.

2. When a child in the household reaches the allowable age to drive you should contact your agent.  If they only have a driving permit, some companies do not rate them but others might.  Once they obtain their drivers license, they need to be rated as a licensed driver.

3.If you sell your vehicle to an individual, be sure to notify the DMV to avoid having the vehicle remain in your name.

4.If you sell a vehicle to your child and the title is changed into their name, the insurance must be in their name also.  You cannot leave it on your insurance policy as you no longer have an insurable interest in the vehicle.