5 Ways To Cut Costs Or Make Money While Social Distancing

As unemployment rises due to coronavirus closures and social distancing measures, the need for delivery and specialty services has increased. Individuals who find themselves in need of a side job or a new full-time job are getting creative. The following types of alternate career options may provide you with a means to supplement or replace your lost income.

Online Freelance Gigs
From data entry, writing assignments, and accounting to web development, project management and photo editing the great wide web has several opportunities to make some money while staying home. There are many contractor-for-hire websites that allow users to post or respond to jobs, or “gigs”. These are usually one-time jobs but if you fill your time with completing multiple job postings, you may be able to make a reasonable full-time amount. The downside to using these sites are the commission that is charged to take on a job and the need for your own tools (like a computer) to get the jobs done.

Online Tutoring
Some individuals may have extensive experience or knowledge they can put to use to make money with tutoring services. With the majority of the country eLearning, the need for tutors is high.
Personal Shopper/Delivery Services
Many people have shifted to online ordering and delivery for a number of needs—groceries, cooked meals, and packages. Many companies have brought in more employees to help cover the increased shopping and delivery needs and others are still advertising their need for shoppers and delivery drivers. If you will be using your vehicle for commercial purposes, check with the company you are working for to see what coverage they offer and if you are responsible for your own commercial policy, contact Magruder Insurance to ensure you are fully insured.

Hand Crafts and Sales
If you have been postponing cleaning out your garage or closet, now is the time to do it—and post the items for sale. With online platforms and apps to list your stuff you can even save yourself the headache of hosting a yard sale. Alternatively, if you are crafty, selling your wares online or through those same platforms can also help bring in some extra cash.

Check for Savings
Don’t forget to contact your utility company, phone provider, your car insurance agent, and other providers. While furloughed or laid off there may be programs available to help you with your bills or reduced rates you can benefit from. Many car insurance companies have cut rates for their customers because they have had fewer claims.

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