Halloween is just around the corner, and the spookiness in your house won’t be just because of the decorations. Larger monsters, like premises liability and property damage, will be approaching your house for trick and treats and it is important to have adequate coverage to keep your home out of trouble from them. So, do you think your homeowner’s insurance is ready for Halloween?

1. Hazardous Halloween Décor
Halloween is supposed to be about fun and accidents can happen but in a sue-ready world, you need to consider the possibility of children (or even adults) getting hurt while on your property or other accidents that could be caused by your Halloween decorations. It is vital to ensure a clear path for children and their parents to approach your house for trick-or-treating otherwise your insurance might not cover the damages.

2. Does Your Dog Bite?
If you are a pet owner, then take extra to make sure that it is well kept away from children on this night in particular. Dogs can get naturally excited when visitors come – but when those visitors are dressed up and may look less than human, your dog may go into protective mode instead. Some carriers exclude dog bites under the liability and medical expenses portion of homeowner’s insurance and are given their own separate coverage instead.

3. Tick or Treat? Tricks!
Vandalism is usually covered under your homeowner’s insurance, but you’ll have assess the amount of damage done and whether it is worth filing a claim given your deductible. Most Halloween “tricks” like egging or toilet-papering usually do not cause enough significant damage to justify a claim – albeit they can be quite annoying to clean up! Remember, any damage to your vehicle from egging or other form of vandalism will need to be filled with your car insurance, not homeowner’s.

4. Jack-O-Lantern Fires
Homeowner’s insurance policies cover repairs and living expenses in the event of a fire – except when the fire was a result of negligent or dangerous activities. Thus, this Halloween season, take extra care with the placement of those spooky candles and Jack-O-Lanterns (or better yet, opt for reusable LED candles).

5. Gravestones

Not the temporary fake tombstones you laid out this Halloween season, but actual tombstones are often included in homeowner’s insurance coverage. Vandalism can take a more serious turn, especially on spooky nights full of tricks, and you can have peace of mind knowing the resting places of your loved ones can be protected too.

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