Obviously, some of these factors cannot be changed at will. A teenage driver must learn to become a safe driver, so that by the time they are 40, they should pose a low risk.

However, there are some changes that you can make in your personal habits or how you select coverage that may improve insurance premiums.

Here some options to consider that could reduce your insurance costs:

  1. Your Insurance Program

 You may want to consider pay-as-you-drive insurance as opposed to traditional coverage. This type of insurance program allows you to specifically tailor your coverage to your driving habits.

This type of program may be suitable for teenagers with otherwise safe driver profiles to lower their coverage.

Check with your insurance provider for details this program.

  1. Practice Defensive Driving

 A calm, alert driver is less likely to be involved in an accident than an agitated one or one not paying attention.

Calm driving also has the added benefit of increased fuel economy.

  1. Economic Car

 No, not economy car, but an economic car choice. A car with a low cost of ownership translates to lower insurance premium.

You can discuss potential car options with your insurance company and get quotes for different styles, makes and models.

  1. Insurance Coverage

While we all like peace of mind, you may find that all-out insurance coverage is not actually necessary.

Consider what you feel is your personal risk of accident. Be honest with yourself and select the coverage you truly feel you may need.

Also consider setting a higher deductible amount. Paying more up front in a claim can mean a lower premium.

  1. Look for Discounts

 Check with your insurance company for extra discounts they may offer. These could be discounts for seniors, active military, low-mileage vehicles or even environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Added safety features can also earn discounts.

  1. Good Credit

 It is always a good idea to keep your credit in good standing. Pay bills in a timely manner and keep an eye on personal finances.