6 Steps To Lower Your Insurance Rates

Shopping around for cheap car insurance isn’t the only way to get a lower car insurance premium. There are some changes you can make in your personal habits or how you select coverage that may improve your quoted car insurance premiums.

Here some options to consider that could grant you cheap car insurance rates:

Become A Defensive Driver

Defensive driving is the act of driving with the actions of others, road conditions, and rules of the road at the forefront of your mind and driving actions. Defensive drivers avoid speeding and using their cell while driving, and continuously monitor one’s driving and that of other cars to appropriately react in a safe manner for all parties.

A defensive driver is less likely to be involved in an accident than an agitated one or one not paying attention. This makes this type of driver one who is less likely to have to file an insurance claim, and therefore a “safer risk” for car insurance companies—and often granted cheaper car insurance rates compared to more aggressive drivers with a history of claims.

Shop For The Ideal Car

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, while you may want something fast and flashy, know this type of vehicle may cost you in affordability of car insurance pricing. Many of these types of cars are more expensive to repair or can be a higher risk of theft, which means a claim is more likely to be filed. Risk of paying out a claim is a major consideration made by car insurance carriers.

A car with a low cost of ownership translates to lower insurance premium.

You can discuss potential car options with your insurance company and get quotes for different styles, makes and models.

Modify Existing Car Insurance Coverage

Depending on how often you drive, where you are driving, and the vehicle you are driving, the coverage you are carrying may be more than you need. Review your coverage to ensure you have the right levels of coverage to suit your driving needs.

If your levels of coverage are adequate, you can also modify your deductible to influence your monthly car insurance premium. The higher your deductible (your share in repair costs), the less your premium is likely to be. While you may want to ensure you pay as little as possible in the event of an accident, changing your deductible from $500 to $750 or $1k can still improve your premium rates.

Check For Discounts

While coupon codes aren’t available online for car insurance, there are discounts offered by most carriers, especially in circumstances where you are less likely to need to file a claim. The most common include:

  • Safe Driver: A driver who has taken specific driving courses or one with a clear driving history may be considered a “safe driver” and awarded with a policy discount.
  • Loyalty Discount: Some carriers offer a discount to customers who have been with them for a significant amount of time.
  • Multiple Policies: Car insurance carriers often offer other types of insurance coverage, such as home insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, RV insurance, and more. Using the same carrier for multiple policies may get you a discount.
  • Safety Features: Having a vehicle with added safety features, such as an alarm system or automatic accident prevention (auto stopping when a collision is sensed), may provide you with a policy discount.

Build Your Credit

Your credit score can affect your car insurance premium. Practicing healthy borrowing, paying your credit bills on time, and taking steps to keep your credit in good standing can help provide you with more affordable car insurance quotes.

Tampa Bay’s Trusted Car Insurance Agents

If you are looking for a cheap car insurance quote or want to review your Florida car insurance policy, contact the independent insurance agents at Magruder Insurance. We can help you identify the best policies and coverages for your budget while providing tips and insights into lowering your car insurance premium.

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