9 Best Mods For Tampa Jeep Wrangler JK Owners

Moding out your Jeep is one of the first things new—and current—Jeep owners look forward to. It is common for Jeep owners to purchase a stock Jeep in order to add the mods themselves so that it is fully customized to their personality and needs.

Here is a list complied of the most common Jeep mods for any Jeep owner whether you are just looking for convenient upgrades or need something to help your Jeep handle your off-road adventures.

1. Winch
You’ve likely heard it before. No matter what you do with your Jeep or how many mods you have planned, you are going to want to make room in your budget and plans for a winch. This should be purchased before your new tires and life, at the same time, or before you hit the dirt roads to try them out. The saying goes, the tires get you there, but a winch helps you get home. Should you get stuck, the winch will be handy in getting you unstuck. And the first time you have to use it, you’ll easily be able to justify your purchase.

2. Front Bumper
This makes the list because of its multipurpose benefits. An upgraded bumper can add extra protection to your Jeep (handy off road and on) while also providing a secure place to mount your winch. There are some bumpers that help off-roaders to improve their approach angles and reduce bottoming out. As an added bonus, particular bumper mods are also specifically designed with other mods in min, like fog lights, heavy duty D links, and powder coating.

3. Skid Bars
Particularly helpful when you have a serious lift kit to get in and out of your Jeep with ease. But higher end bars can also protect your door sills.

4. Taillight Guards
Not the usual part of your Jeep that you consider having to protect from potential off roading damage but Jeep taillights are not flush mounted like most trucks—and exposure means risk of damage. Plus, they make you Jeep look really cool.

5. LED Headlights and Fog Lights
Your new front bumper mentioned above should proved adequate protection for your front lights but upgrading to LED lights will help enhance your visibility at night as stock Jeep lights provide minimal output. Upgrading this aspect can cut the need for an LED lightbar—or not.

6. Lift Kit
Of course, this makes the list for top mods to a Jeep. It is one of the most popular mods made to Jeep Wranglers. Lift kits offer additional ground clearance, allowing Jeep owners to conquer rougher terrains and go on more adventures.

7. Tires
Unless your Jeep Wrangler is an off-road toy only, being towed to and from your destinations, then an all-terrain tire is most recommended. This tire allows for the most flexibility across a multitude of surfaces, from asphalts roads to muddy or gravel trails.

8. Axel Lockers
For an JK owners considering taking on more challenging trails, axle lockers should be a standard modification go to before making that trip. Axle lockers allow your wheels to turn at completely different speeds—improving the traction and turning ability of your vehicle. A trick that can be necessary on some hard trails.

9. The Right Insurance
Magruder Agency has recognized a need for Tampa and Brandon Jeep owners to have an insurance they can count on to fully insure their vehicle—from the standard comprehensive and collision to additional policies written that protects the many (and expensive) modifications on their Jeep.

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