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Do I Need Renter’s Insurance If I Live With My Parents?

Nearly half of all American college graduates return to live at home after graduation. With the rising costs of living expenses and limited job opportunities, it is becoming more common for adult children to live at home. Although you may be living at home, it has a different feel to it than it did when [...]

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Need For A Small Business?

From the moment you chose to start out on your own and to open your own business, you are exposing yourself to a particular set of risks, even before you hire your first employee. It is important when beginning your business, to get the right insurance coverage. A single lawsuit or catastrophic event can ruin [...]

What Is My Garaging Address?

While shopping around for car insurance you may have seen that insurance companies ask for your garaging address and may not ask for your home address or consider it two different things. You may be wondering what a garaging address is and why it is important. What is my garaging address? You garaging address is [...]

Should I Add My Spouse To My Policy?

Getting married is exciting but also comes with a world of changes. Name changes, living arrangement changes, and even changes to your insurance policy. Should you keep your own separate policy, join on your spouses, or add them to yours? Will their driving history affect your good rates (or vice versa)? Before you go changing [...]

Is Uninsured Or Under-insured Motorist Coverage Really Worth It?

Why should I get Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage? Or why should I purchase any extra coverage when Florida only requires that I have $10,000 coverage for Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability. Well… For Florida drivers, having enough auto insurance is a must – and not just because it is legally required in [...]

Why Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Do Uber or Lyft drivers need commercial auto insurance? What about UberEats or other food delivery drivers? Personal auto insurance will typically cover individuals while they commute to and from home but that is pretty much where work-related coverage ends. If you use your personal vehicle, or even have a separate vehicle, for transporting goods [...]

Is It Illegal To Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

How to handle a damaged windshield can vary from state to state. Luckily, in the State of Florida, a damaged windshield is not the worst thing that could happen to a driver because there are affordable options to repair or replace your windshield. IS IT ILLEGAL TO DRIVE WITH A CRACKED WINDSHIELD? According to Florida [...]

Will My Insurance Cover Me If I Am Sued?

We live in a litigious society with nearly 15 million lawsuits being filed every year – and it’s not just the big business or the rich who are sued. Everyday people are filing lawsuits or are being sued, and on average, 55% of the plaintiffs win their case. This can be a concerning issue for [...]

Life Insurance Myths and Truths

Life Insurance. It’s something every adult needs but many times, not something anyone wants to think about or consider. Commonly, this is because the benefits of life insurance are understated or misunderstood. Here are a few life insurance myths and the real truths behind them. There is no need for additional life insurance outside of [...]

General Liability Insurance

For those starting a business or looking for another insurance provider for your company, no matter what your business is for, you are going to need general liability insurance.  This article is designed to explain what types of coverage is available under general liability insurance and how to determine your business’s insurance needs. What is [...]

Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

Think renter’s insurance is just for your stuff? Too often, we have clients that think that they don’t own enough personal property to justify getting renters insurance, or that it isn’t valuable enough to insure. Or they believe that they aren’t at risk for a disaster. Renter’s insurance provides benefits for more than just replacing [...]

6 Tips For Drivers To Share The Road Safely With Cyclists

Cycling, biking, road biking, bicyclists. We have all seen them on the road and some drivers may even be annoyed by their presence on the road. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there has been an ever-growing population of cyclists on the road, nearly doubling in this time frame. There are a few important things [...]

Can Someone Drive My Car If They Are Not On My Insurance?

Lending your car out may be a rare occurrence but when you do, you feel you are doing the right thing by helping someone in need out. Although, still a good deed, you could be putting yourself at risk without even knowing it. In most cases of car insurance, the insurance follows the car first [...]

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

As Hurricane Irma makes its approach towards Florida, Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency for the entire State of Florida as a precaution. Hurricane Irma was declared a Category 5 hurricane Tuesday (Sept 5th) morning, which means Floridians should be taking this storm seriously especially with the chance of landfall at the [...]

Grilling And Recreational Fire Safety Tips

Labor Day is coming and that means barbecues are going to be fired up during the extended weekend. With the increase in outdoor cooking and activities, the risk for accidental fires caused by grills or recreational fires will be on the rise. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) nearly 8,900 residential fires caused [...]

Will My Car Insurance Pay If I Am At Fault?

Will My Car Insurance Pay If I Am At Fault? If your insurance will pay for damages depends on the coverage and the amount of coverage you elected. Here is a breakdown of each coverage option available and how that coverage works. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Florida may be a no-fault state but fault [...]

Do I Have To Add My Teen Driver To My Insurance?

There are several questions surround teenage drivers, when or how to get them insurance, and how your rates as a parent may be affected. So, to clarify any questions about teen driving and teen insurance, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions. Have a question that we haven’t listed? Fill out a contact form [...]

Misconceptions About Florida Homeowner’s Insurance

Buying a home is exciting but there are a few details that we don’t think about until the day to sign the loan approaches, such as purchasing homeowner’s insurance. When people first come to us looking to purchase homeowner’s insurance we’ve noticed there are a few misconceptions about Florida homeowner’s insurance, so we decided [...]

Top 6 Insurance Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners

Forming your own business is a lot of work – more than what the average person clocks in a week. So, shouldn’t you protect your time and effort by insuring your company? Getting insurance is a smart bet and easy to set up with a simple call to our office. Don’t make one of these [...]

Do I Need Hurricane or Flood Insurance?

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th and 2017 is expected to have a busier season than before. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) eleven to seventeen storms (including April’s Tropical Storm Arlene) are predicted for this year’s hurricane season; 5 to 9 of which will escalate into hurricanes and two [...]

4 Reasons Young Adults Should Have Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed for the “what ifs” of life and is usually considered later in adulthood when you have the well-being of a spouse or children to think about. It’s not commonly considered by those who are still new to adulthood, fresh out of college, and free of the financial responsibility of supporting another [...]

The Benefits of Group Life Insurance and Why it May Not be Enough

Many employers offer basic life insurance coverage up to one year’s salary for no cost to their employees and allow employees to purchase additional coverage. This type of company-sponsored life insurance is called “group life insurance”. This is a great benefit and at the minimum, workers should accept the basic coverage provided by their employer. [...]

Helpful Tips For Selling Your Motorcycle or Car

If you are preparing to sell your car or motorcycle, follow these tips to maximize your profit and improve your chances of selling the bike or car in a timely manner. Research the current market value of your motorcycle or automobile. Don’t be surprised if this value is far below what you paid for your [...]

10 Tips For Buying A Used Motorcycle

If you have been considering purchasing a used motorcycle, we have compiled a comprehensive list of things you should consider or do prior to making that purchase. Some of these tips will also be beneficial if you plan to buy new. Decide which style of bike will best fit your lifestyle. There are several types [...]

Make Your Backyard Safe in 5 Easy Steps

It’s hot, humid, and rainy - must mean that the Florida summer is upon us. That means it is time to make sure that your backyard is safe and ready for fun! Follow this checklist to make sure that your backyard is ready for playtime or for have everyone over for some entertainment. Eliminate pest [...]

Tips For Hiring Seasonal Employees For Your Small Business

Small businesses often need to consider all expenses that they incur to ensure that the budget is well utilized. One aspect of business practices where a small business could save a significant amount of money is the hiring of seasonal employees. If your business has peak seasons where you conduct most of your benefits, like [...]

Easy Guide To Preparing Your Boat For The Summer

It is important to assure that your boat is ready for the summer season or it could end up costing you more money fixing the issues in the end. Please ensure to check all of the following items on our checklist to assure your boat is just as ready for summer as you are! First, [...]

10 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium

Did you know there are things you can do within your home to keep your insurance premiums affordable and discounted? Homeowners insurance is available to keep homeowners financially safe when things go wrong. Your home floods, catches fire, and everything is destroyed. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you can avoid the financial depletion it leaves [...]

Get Your RV Ready For The First Trip Of The Season

Just like your home and car, your recreational vehicle should be checked to ensure it is ready for the season. You can do this easily by yourself or you may hire a professional to take a look and check for you. Here are a few things that should be checked before heading out on your [...]

Why It Is Important For Woman To Have Life Insurance

Ladies, the truth is, many of you are the CEO of your families. Whether you are performing double duty in the workforce and at home or not, you are a vital part of your family’s success. Without you, your family could be struggling to provide the things you take care of on a daily basis. [...]