Car insurance is a requirement for being on the road – at least a minimum amount of coverage is. Limiting yourself to only the state’s minimum coverage can leave you open to future costs if you are ever in an accident – even if the car accident wasn’t your fault. Carefully review your coverages to see where you can increase or add a benefit; alternatively, you could save on your premium if you raise your deductible.

While reviewing your coverages, did you know there are some added benefits that are not always explained in detail that are included in your coverage? While these details are typically in your full policy, they are not always mentioned in the summary descriptions of your coverage levels.

Some of the car insurance coverage you may not have known you had are:

Liability Legal Counsel

In the event that you are in an accident and found to be at fault or partially at fault, the other party may be inclined to sure for damages. Don’t stress – your car insurance coverage provides legal help! In most instances, the suing party is actually suing your insurance and it is your insurance that will pay out in the settlement (up to your coverage levels at least). They will work diligently to examine the facts of the case and examine whether or not you hold any fault and if you do, how much. From there they will determine if the suing party has any cause and determine a settlement amount to offer on your behalf.

Approved Driver Coverage

Sometimes referred to as “Bad Friend Insurance”, this is an extension of your coverage to anyone you willingly and knowingly hand your keys off to and giver permission to drive. However, if your friend or extended family member gets into an accident while driving your vehicle, then it will be your insurance that will cover the cost of damages (even if they have their own car insurance). This means you will have to pay your deductible to cover the repairs to any damage on your vehicle and it will be your insurance premiums that could increase in monthly after the accident. Be careful who you lend your keys to!