Baby Proofing Tips For Your Rental Home Or Apartment

When it comes to baby proofing your home, there is a lot to be done. And overlooking something that should have been baby proofed can be dangerous or even deadly. Properly baby proofing your home can be even more challenging if your home is a rental or if you live in an apartment, as your landlord may not allow for you to make changes to the property. Here are some tips that can help you baby proof your rental home or apartment to the best of your ability!

Look For A Baby-Proofed (or Baby Friendly) Community

This may be challenging, but finding an apartment community or landlord that focuses on the importance of child safety can make your life significantly easier when it comes time to baby proofing your home. There are landlords who recognize the importance of a child safe community and home in order to limit their liability in potential damages. An apartment community or landlord who is concerned about child safety may take action before you even move in by making sure there are proper hand rails and anti-slip materials for all stairways, replacing blinds and window furnishings that have long cords, making sure doors and windows lock appropriately, and checking fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

An apartment community or landlord who recognizes the importance of baby proofing for child safety will also be more likely to be flexible and make allowances when you are making changes to the property in order to fully baby proof your home.

Use Baby Gates

Baby gates are a great tool to help keep little ones from entering areas that could be dangerous. The obvious place to use a baby gate is at the top of a staircase (although we’re fans of placing one at the bottom too!) But there are also many other areas of your home that you can use a baby gate in such as blocking access to the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry/utility rooms. These rooms often have chemicals, appliances, and other belongings that can pose a threat to a curious child that doesn’t know better. Keeping children blocked off from entering these areas is the first step in child proofing your home.

There are many types of baby gates available to choose from. The best ones are ones you can install by screwing them into the wall, but if your landlord will not allow for this type of baby gate to be used, there are others available that use pressure against the wall to keep the gate in place. Make sure you do your research early on and find the baby gate that will be right for your home.

Use Baby Proofing Specific Products

One of the most important things you can do to keep baby safe in your home is often overlooked—anchoring your furniture. Every 24 minutes, a child is sent to the Emergency Room because of furniture falling over on top of them. This is clearly very dangerous for your children, especially a baby. So, make sure you anchor any heavy furniture, such as dressers, televisions, and shelves, to the wall.

There is no way to avoid using a nail into the wall here, but even if your landlord or apartment complex is going to make you pay to repair the hole when you leave, you should just consider it an investment in your child’s safety. The hole that will be made in order to anchor furniture to the wall will be no larger than a hole that would be made to hang a picture, so it will be easy to patch and fix later on if needed.

Anchor Furniture

There are many baby proofing tools that are out on the market today that will help make your rental home or apartment as safe as can be for your baby. There are baby proofing products available for things such as cabinets, toilets, refrigerators, electrical outlets, windows, doors, and so much more.

These specific products will help you ensure certain areas of your home are well guarded from a curious baby or toddler. By using baby proofing specific products over DIY, you can rest at ease knowing the product will fit or work as it needs to since it was designed for that specific safety use.

Now that you’ve baby proofed, it’s time to contact an insurance agent to help you further disaster proof your home or rental. With plenty of affordable homeowners’ policies and rental insurance options, Magruder Agency can help you protect your family with the insurance policy it needs!

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