Best RV Preventative Care Tips You Will Read This Year

RVs, motorhome, travel trailers, campers—these are all home away from home, and for many, it can be home. And just like a traditional brick-and-mortar home, RVs have their own maintenance and upkeep needs. Regularly providing maintenance and care to your RV of can help prolong the life of your RV and ensure your safety while living in the RV or taking it on the road.

Below are the tips that can help you to maintain your RV:

Perform A Pre-Trip Inspection

Before taking your travel trailer or motorhome on a trip, perform a walk around and inspect all major systems to ensure they are all functioning as they should. Look for any damage, note any parts that need replaced or gaps that need resealed, and make a list of supplies you need to stock up on. Specialty annual inspections should be done when winterizing your RV or bringing it back out for camping season.

Wash Your RV/Travel Trailer/Motorhome

Keep your RV clean to prevent excessive wear and tear. Not washing your RV regularly may lead to malfunctioning of some of your RV’s systems, staining along the top or sides, or mildew growth that can lead to extensive damage. Be sure to use supplies intended for RVs as some soaps may be too harsh for their siding and seals. Also, wash the tires of your RV last and with a separate scrub brush—brake dust is acidic and when on the brush you plan to wash your RV again with, could lead to deterioration of the outside of your RV and/or its paint or vinyl wrap.

Regularly Check Your Tires

Verify the tire depth of your camper’s tires are road-worthy and are not showing signs of dry-rot or cracking. Also check the tire pressure of your RV tires before every trip. A blow out from damaged, worn out, or over/under inflated tires can lead to extensive damage to your RV and possibly your vehicle if you are towing a travel trailer or small camper.

Battery Inspection & Oil Check

If you have a drivable motorhome, such as a Class C or Class A, be sure to check the battery and oil levels routinely. Jus like a vehicle, these parts are vital to keeping your motorhome running and require regular maintenance.

Check Your Tanks, Lines & Systems

Check your propane tank for leaks, ensure your black and grey tanks were not left open, and if you plan to dry camp or boondock be sure your water tank isn’t cracked and that the water lines and water pressure valve are working properly. When heading out for the first time or after a long storage (or even before every trip if you wish to be extra cautious) test all appliances (HVAC included), generators, power cords, and flush your systems to ensure everything is in good working order.

Interior & Exterior Overview

Clean away any cobwebs that may have accumulated while sitting, and more importantly, look for nests! Pests such as rats and squirrels can do significant damage when they go unchecked.

Roof Inspection

Don’t forget to climb up and check your roof. Ensure all seals around the roof appear intact, be sure it is clear of debris, and check for any water around your AC unit. Damage to other parts of your RV can be easier to spot than the rooftop, so making it a habit to climb up before a trip can help you spot a potential concern before it turns into a major issue.

Brandon's Independent Insurance Agents for Florida RV Insurance

Always assure that your RV, camper, or travel trailer is well-maintained and in working order, to save from a disappointing trip with unexpected problems. RV Insurance can also save you from disasters when on the road. Contact an independent insurance agent at Magruder Agency to discuss the all the possible coverage options available and what insurance is required while you travel with (or in) your RV in and out of Florida.  

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