I am Pat Magruder, the founder and owner of the Magruder Agency.  I started my little Brandon Insurance agency in 1989. Since then, I have grown it into a full featured insurance agency. As a family business, we are still devoted to the highest level of service possible with a friendly style. We are an independent insurance agency that will always know your name. This means we provide personalized services firstly by getting to know you as a person, understanding your insurance needs by listening to you and by putting ourselves in your shoes. Secondly, we write the policy to not only provide the insurance coverage you need at a competitive price but to continuously provide the Magruder Service you expect.

As my first blog article, I want to give a quick summary of what to expect. I have been working with insurance for over a quarter of a century.  Through these years, I have enjoyed helping people solve their insurance problems and issues. So, as you can see, I am qualified and experienced to give you helpful and practical advice, as well as, some interesting and funny stories.  My blog will be about helping people understand insurance, industry insights, things you should know, information that will benefit you and of course, human interest stories. Stephanie and I have tons of these so-called human interest stories I would like to share with you.

Please let me illustrate a “what you should know” type article: Many business owners are unaware that putting magnetic signage on their non-commercial insured vehicle can create problems. When submitting a claim to the insurance company, photographs may provide a different perspective.

Photographs of your vehicle involved in the accident with business signage may compromise previous statements about vehicle usage. How is the policy written with respect to its business use? Was the vehicle only added to the policy for non-commercial purposes?  The insurance may decline the insurability of the claim. Thus, knowing about whether to put signage on the vehicle or if it’s more appropriate to have commercial insurance is very important.

Stay tuned for more of my blog articles.

Pat Magruder