Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s home insurance or condo insurance are not the same as homeowners insurance; if you rent an apartment or own a condo in Brandon, you need insurance targeted for those needs. If your home is in a specific risk zone, you need insurance which brings that into consideration. It may seem as though there are a lot of factors to consider, but we can make the process easy and simple. Be assured that we’ll work hard for you to find a policy that fits best for your situation.

Contents Insurance

As a renter, you may need insurance for your furniture and property such as clothes and shoes, audio, video and computer equipment, CDs and DVDs, sports gear, art, jewelry, and other personal items.  Making a list and taking pictures are a helpful way to determine the amount of insurance you need; in the case of those things being stolen, damaged, or destroyed, you should have a personal contents insurance policy which will provide you with mental and monetary relief.
To find out what content insurances covers, contact us.

Student Contents Insurance

If you are a student residing in a dormitory, you need contents insurance for your personal belongings. Theft is common in such a shared residence, as well as accidental damage and destruction; if you wish your personal property to be covered by insurance, you need to find out how as quickly as possible. Contact us for further contents insurance information. Call us today for help on how to catalog and inventory all your personal property, and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re covered.

Renters Liability

You will want renters liability insurance for those accidents which inevitably occur. Many renters may not carry enough insurance because they don’t realize where their landlord’s coverage ends and their responsibility begins.  For example, if the cable guy slips and falls down while walking through your kitchen, you might be responsible. Renters insurance covers you up to the liability limit for accidental injuries that happen within your unit, if you are found to be legally liable.