Do I Need Insurance For My RV?

Recreational Vehicle (RV) retailers have popped up in several locations along I-4 between Lakeland, Plant City, Brandon, Tampa, and all areas in between. In general, the RV industry as a whole is on a massive rebound as many people throughout Florida are redefining retirement, living (and work!) arrangements, and how to camp or vacation in comfort.

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, nearly 400,000 RVs (travel trailers, camping trailers, motorhomes, and the like) are sold annually—that’s over $15 billion in sales every year for the RV industry. Currently, there are over 9 million RVs already on the road, which is the highest it’s been – ever.

So, with the renewed interest in recreational vehicles—do you need insurance for a travel trailer? A toy hauler? A camper? A pull-behind? And if so, what kind of insurance is available for RVs?

Let’s tackle each issue individually:

Is RV Insurance Required in Florida?

In most states, including Florida, a minimum of liability insurance is required for all self-drive RVs – just as you are required to carry for a car. The following types of RVs and circumstances require you to carry insurance for your recreational vehicle.

  • You own Class A or B motorhome
  • You lease or are financing your RV (of any type)
  • Your RV is rented

What Types of Recreational Vehicle Insurance Are Available?

In the above scenarios and types of RVs, you are required to carry the same minimum coverage as if it were a regular vehicle – liability coverage and personal injury. However, due to the general cost and value of a recreational vehicle (and cost of valuables you may be towing or storing inside) it is highly advisable to purchase additional insurance. Essentially, the types of collision and comprehensive coverage available for a car is available, in a modified sense, for recreational vehicles. Different exclusions or inclusions may be made since different items are often towed or stored in RVs.

Contact An Independent Insurance Agent For The Best RV Insurance Rates & Advice

To review all possible coverages for your RV, contact an independent RV insurance agent to go over all of your needs and budget to ensure you are properly covered on the road.

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