Do Red Cars Get More Tickets?

For many years, people have assumed that the color red attracts an officer’s eye more than any other color, resulting in more tickets for those drivers. But interestingly, law enforcement agencies across the country agree that the color of a person’s car does not determine whether they will be stopped and ticketed. The driving habit of the operator is what an officer notices. Remember the drivers get ticketed….not the cars.

Car Model Most Ticketed

In fact, the model of the car may have more to do with the number of tickets issued than the color. A 2021 study by Insurify revealed that the Subaru WRX was the most ticketed car (for speeding) with 18.8 percent of the drivers being ticketed—49% higher than the average driver. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was number two with 17.72 percent of drivers being ticketed—46% higher than average.

car models with the most speeding tickets 2021

Car Color Most Ticketed

If you are still hung up on colors making a difference, you should know that red cars come in second in number of tickets, beat out by white cars. For the last 10 years or so, white has been the most common color of cars on the road, so statistically, it makes sense it holds the record for most tickets.

Age and Sex Most Ticketed

Males receive almost 50% more speeding tickets than females. Drivers between 16 and 25 make up less than 15% of the drivers on the road but receive nearly 33% of the speeding tickets. Does this mean young male drivers tend to speed? It may be a stereotype or coincidence, but young males are often more likely to receive a ticket, particularly a speeding ticket.

How You Drive

It is not the color of your car that catches an officer’s attention but rather how you drive that makes them pull up behind you with reds and blues flashing. Drivers who exhibit more aggressive driving—speeding, weaving through traffic, following too closely, running stop signs, or making illegal U-turns—are the ones who are drawing attention to themselves.

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