Easy Guide To Preparing Your Boat For The Summer

Its finally time to pull your boat out of its winter storage! It is important to assure that your boat is ready for the summer season or it could end up costing you more money fixing the issues in the end. Please ensure to check all of the following items on our checklist to assure your boat is just as ready for summer as you are!

  • First, you must ensure that there is no deterioration of the gas lines. If any exposed fuel lines are showing signs of rot, you must replace them. If your boat has a primer pump, gently squeeze to look for any leaks. A bad fuel hose will appear soft and breakable. A good one will be firm.
  • Dead batteries can leave you are stranded in the middle of the water! Take your battery to a dealer for a reading to assure that your battery is good and doesn’t need to be replaced. If the charge is low but the battery is not “bad” then try charging your battery on a slow charger (preferably overnight). Nothing ruins a day of boating fun like a dead battery.
  • Check belts and engine hoses for leaks or rot. If there are any signs of deterioration, they should be replaced. Ensure that they are all attached properly and secure.
  • Replace any engine cables that are older than 10 years. If they appear stiff or hard to move, this could be another indication that they need replaced.
  • Check all fuel, engine oil, gear case oils, power steering fluid and even antifreeze (if applicable) levels to assure that everything is in good working order. Remove winterized antifreeze.
  • Check your water pump. This is important. It is recommended that water pumps be replaced every 3-4 years to assure that it runs properly for your boat engine. If you skip this step, it could cause you thousands of dollars in damage. The engine depends on the water pump to stay cool and run fast in when set to high speeds. If it is not pumping properly, this can cause a great deal of damage.
  • Tune ups are important as well. Boats are made to be fun, not work; but you must apply the proper amount of upkeep to keep from costing yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. If you feel that you are not capable of assuring your boat is in tip top shape, it is recommended you take her to a dealership to assure that everything is ready for your summer shenanigans.

Along with your boat, don’t forget to check on your trailer! Without a boat trailer, your boat isn’t going anywhere. Once your vessel appears ready for the water, contact your independent insurance agent at Magruder Insurance to ensure your coverage is up to date and ready for you to hit the waves.

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