How To Hide TV Wires

Having an entertainment system, you're proud to show off is an important part of said entertainment. You wouldn't want to be embarrassed with all the messy cords and components tangled around each other in the background. Hiding these things from sight is easier than you may think in some cases.

Before Mounting TV and Hiding Wires

Before getting started, you may want to consider a few things.

  • Do you have small children or pets that may be attracted to the exposed wires and boxes? Children and animals often mistake cords, cable boxes, and game systems for toys and could be hurt if they got a hold of these things. It's a good idea to hide wires and components to protect children and pets.
  • Are you renting, or do you own your place? Restrictions while renting may hinder the most effective way of hiding the wires, but there are still a few ways to contain and disguise them.
  • What material are your walls made from? The walls you house your entertainment system on need to be made of a material that is soft enough to penetrate. Concrete, cement block, and brick are not friendly to the process of cutting holes in walls to conceal wires; however, drywall is.
  • Do you wish to conceal all devices, including cable boxes, wifi router, gaming consoles, etc.? You may need to purchase housing for these devices to either be placed behind the TV or in an entertainment center which has compartments with doors to hide them.

Ways to Mount TV and Hide Wires

Once special considerations have been made, it’s time to get started. You can use crown molding, PVC pipes, or kits designed to help hide your wiring. 

  1. When you're ready to start the process of preparing your seamless entertainment display, first start with a clean surface. Whether you have decided to use a kit or build your own from crown molding or PVC pipe, you'll need a clean surface first and foremost.
  2. Gather kits, materials, and tools for the process.
  3. Label the wires to make sure you plug in the correct ones to each device, since most of the cord will not be visible once covered with PVC, molding, or parts of the kit. 
  4. Be sure that your measurements are correct. Use a pencil on the wall and be sure your measurements are level and even, and your TV and furniture below will cover the visible parts of the wires.
  5. If using PVC pipe: Thread the unconnected wires through the PVC pipe and lay the pie along the wall or corner where you plan to permanently keep it. Once the pipe is in place, secure it and then connect the wires.
  6. If using molding: Some are specially designed with a pocket for wires to be tucked into. If not, you can still lay the molding over the wires along the path you have already chosen. Don’t secure it in place until you have made sure that your measurements are correct and the wires can easily be connected back into your components. Do not use nails to secure the molding, instead use liquid nail or other bonding agent that will not interfere with the electricity or cause you to get shocked during installation.
  7. If using a kit: Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer for the best results. 
  8. If using a surface application, like molding or PVC piping, you should be able to paint over it to match the color of your walls or use décor or furniture to further conceal it.

Brandon's Independent Insurance Agents

Whatever your reason for deciding to hide wires and components, it's always an attractive idea to have clean lines when it comes to the center of your entertainment area. When it comes time to host, you’ll be glad to have your wires hidden from view—improving your home’s aesthetic and reducing your liability should a guest trip over the wire or a child gets a hold of one. Be sure to speak with your independent insurance agent about your liability policies and what is covered in the event of an electrical catastrophe.

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