Once you have made the decision to make renovations to your home, whether they are major or small renovations, you then have to make the decision of whether or not you will live in your home during the remodeling process. For many people, moving out during the remodeling process simply is not a financially feasible option. While staying in your home during a renovation will likely be more cost efficient, it will also likely come with some sacrifices to comfort and safety, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips to help you live in your home safely and comfortably through a renovation.

Remove Unnecessary Items

While many of us have additional items throughout our homes that help decorate the space and make it our own, these items truly are unnecessary to have in the home during a renovation. Removing unnecessary items during a renovation is going to free up more of your living space, and working space for your contractors, and help protect your items from being broken during construction. Pack anything that you won’t need to have with you during the renovation project such as decorations, picture frames, books, and movies.

Pack Like You Are Moving

While in the process of removing unnecessary items from your home, make sure you pack as if you were moving. Sure, you will need to keep clothes in your wardrobe that you wear on a regular basis, but clothing that is out of season or hasn’t been worn in a while can certainly be stored away while you have renovations done. If you weren’t able to completely remove unnecessary breakable items from your home because of storage space, you can at least wrap them up and keep them in boxes away from the construction area. But if you do have the ability to rent a small storage space during your renovation this is the best way to keep your items clean and protected.

Create A Livable Space

While your home is being renovated it is important to designate a living space. Having a designated living space during the renovation process will help keep you and your family away from the dangers of the construction area and will also help keep the mess of the construction work away from your living space. If you have children or pets living with you in the home it is a good idea to set this designated space up prior to renovations beginning, block off areas of the home that are being renovated, and give them a day or two to get used to not being allowed in to the renovation areas before beginning your projects.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen Area

One of the most common home renovation projects taken on is the kitchen. This is because the kitchen is one of the most popular gathering areas in a home, and the investment in a kitchen renovation often adds significant value to your home. But a kitchen remodel can make daily living difficult since you won’t have access to the appliances you are used to during this time. If you are renovating your kitchen, you should set up a temporary kitchen space where you can move your microwave, coffee pot, and other small appliances to. If your kitchen renovation is going to take an extended period of time to complete, you might want to consider investing in a mini-fridge, toaster oven, and crock pot if you don’t already have them. You should also stock up on plenty of paper plates and plastic utensils and cups for this time period to help minimize the mess.

Keep It Clean

This tip should really be keep it as clean as possible because there will inevitably be a mess during a renovation project. Keeping your home clean during a renovation project can certainly be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. The first step is making sure you hire good contractors that are going to be aware of their work space and clean it regularly as they work and at the end of each day. You should also hang plastic barriers in doorways of spaces being renovated to help keep dust out of your living spaces. Sweep, mop, vacuum, and wipe down counters and other surfaces regularly to keep your space clean and sanitary for yourself and your family. Finally, consider investing in an air purifier to keep the air in your living space sanitary as well.

If you are planning home renovations always make sure the contractors, you hire are properly licensed and insured! You might also want to contact us to speak with a licensed insurance agent and review your current homeowners’ insurance policy.