We may be an insurance agency, but we don’t want our clients to have to file a claim – especially if it can be avoided by giving some simple advice. Here are just a few of the many ways that your business can avoid the top most common insurance claims.


Make sure your business is equipped with a functioning fire alarm and sprinkler system. You can also make sure that the landscaping around your business is well maintained to reduce the spread of a fire.

Water Damage

Florida is known for its rain and hurricanes. Be aware of any part of your business property that may hold water. A simple puddle after a rainstorm can become problematic during a bigger storm. You can also check FEMA’s website to see if your office is located in a flood zone and purchase adequate insurance for flooding.

Wind and Hail Damage

Hail may be uncommon, but it can happen during particular storms and wind can cause more damage than you may think possible. Aside from knocking things over, wind could potentially blow large debris through your business window, causing the need for costly repairs.

Burglary and Theft

If your business is on a dark road, install outdoor lighting or hire security personnel to keep your property and clients safe come nightfall. Installing blinds or having a tinted storefront can also greatly reduce the risk for a break-in.

Customer Injuries and Property Damage

Whether it is a slip and fall, a display falls apart and injures a customer, or damage is done to your property, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

  • Safety Considerations

Make sure all employees receive ample safety training and ensure they follow what you preach. Other safety considerations may include wet floor signs and entryway mats to reduce slips and falls.

  • Reduce Clutter

Remove boxes after restocking immediately and have an employee routinely check the premises for any objects that are blocking pathways.

  • Get General Liability Insurance

Even when you try to do everything possible to prevent an accident, they can still happen. Make sure your company is amply protected with general liability insurance.

Vehicle Accidents

A well-maintained vehicle can help keep your driver safe while on the road. Ample tire tread and a good braking system can make a big difference in avoiding an accident. Also, if your business relies on employees to do any commercial driving always:

  • Hire individuals with a clean driving history.
  • Provide training for driving in bad weather and allow for safety stops if the conditions are ever too bad for them to be on the road.
  • Enforce rules about driving safely – including turning off cell phones.

Product Liability

If your business creates or sells any product on the market, make sure that is properly tested for the “real world”. Product liability claims can arise from “intended uses” of the product, not just its primary use. Make sure directions are clear and understandable when listing directions or how to use (or not use) the product. Be sure to include any necessary warnings on the products you distribute.

Reputational Harm

Have you ever seen an employee get fired after posting something to social media or taking part in an event outside of work? That’s because the people you hire to work for your company represent your business while they are at work, in uniform, and during non-working hours. An employee’s actions can speak loudly against your company, putting your business at risk for reputation harm. To avoid this, be sure to cover all expectations and social media limitations or restrictions during training.