Save Money When Moving On A Budget

People move for a number of reasons: to downsize, upgrade, make more room for family, to accommodate travel for a new job, or for a change in scenery. Whatever drive you to moving, be sure you are prepared for all of the related expenses:
• Truck rental
• Moving supplies (boxes, tape, packing paper, etc.)
• Professional packers/movers
• New deposit or down payment
• New furniture/groceries
• Time off of work or a sitter to help keep an eye on the kids
• Turning on or transferring utilities
• Temporary storage unit

Once you have your budget settled, you may find that moving is more expensive than you first imagined, luckily there are a few ways and methods that could save you some money on your move.

Make Money First By Selling Extras
Host a yard sale or moving sale to help off load some unnecessary items. Not only will this lessen what you have to move or pay to have moved but it can also provide you a monetary return. Set this money aside to help fund your move.

Comparison Shop Your Professional Movers
Check to see if your realtor, property manager, or mortgage company has teamed up with a moving company to provide lower rates to individuals they refer. If not, price shop! Many moving companies base their fees on how much you have to move and how far. Look for a professional company you can trust your belongings to who also offers one of the more reasonable rates.
Also, when you move can affect rates. Since most people prefer to move on the weekend, these days usually have higher rates. See if any moving companies have lower rates for weekdays if these days also work on your moving schedule.

Move Yourself
You can really cut back on costs if you move yourself. This works best when you have the right vehicle and circle of friends and family who can pitch in and help. Sometimes getting just a truck can cut back on costs enough compared to hiring a truck and professional movers.

Save on Packing Supplies
Before your big move, start looking for boxes you can reuse. Ask friends, coworkers, and stock employees at your local stores for any boxes they were planning to toss. Good size and quality boxes can range from $1-$5 and most moves require 25-50 boxes (sometimes more)—so finding boxes for free can make for significant savings.

Once you move in, you should shop for renter’s insurance to protect your belongings in the event something happens to your rental—like a fire or water damage or a break in. Speaking with an independent insurance agent or agency can also provide extra savings. When you shop directly with the carrier, you may miss out on lower rates that an independent agent can get for you.

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