This Is Why Your Car Insurance Is So High

Car insurance is a necessity, especially if you want to avoid getting a ticket or fine for not having it. However, many complain about how high their car insurance is—and the likely culprit is your driving history and current driving habits. When you drive safely, you avoid accidents that could result in bodily injury and/or property damage. While personal safety is always important, lack of claims on your car insurance can help keep your rates down.

Watch Your Speed
Accidents are the only event that can drive up your rates—tickets can too. Driving at or just below the recommended speed limit on any roadway you are traveling will maximize your safety while minimizing your risk for a ticket and subsequent higher car insurance rates.

Don’t Follow Too Closely
It takes an average of 2.5 seconds to react to an event for most people. That means you have a slightly delayed response if the car in front of you hits their breaks—and if you are following closer than 3 seconds behind them, you run the risk of rear-ending them. Be sure to maintain a safe distance at all times.

Keep Right
Florida law states that slower vehicles should move to the right lane. While it may not specific limit the left lane to passing only, it is implied that this lane should be primarily used as such. By moving to the right lane, or traveling primarily in the right unless passing, we can actually help reduce traffic build-up and reduce accidents.

Share The Road
Cars aren’t the only travelers allowed on roadways. Be alert for other vehicles, some smaller and other larger than yourself. Motorcycles, mopeds, road bikers, and semi-trucks are often involved in accidents when a driver is not paying attention or respectively sharing the road as they should with these types of vehicles. Provide ample space when passing or following one of these roadway users.

Lights On, Flashers Off
Rain is a common event in Florida, so when it hits you would assume most know what to do—but this isn’t always the case. When it starts to rain, ensure your vehicle is visible to other drivers by making sure your lights are on—and not just your daytime running lights. Do not turn on your flashers when driving in the rain. Flashers are universal indicators for a vehicle that has stopped on or near the roadway.

Drive Alert
In order to be a safe driver, you will first and foremost need to stay alert. Do not text, call, use a mobile device, eat, apply makeup, or trim your nails while driving. If you are tired, pull over to rest. Even the briefest of distraction can cause a large delay in your reaction to driving situations around you.

If your rates are high, whether because of your driving history, claims, or history of accidents, you may have the opportunity to get lower car insurance rates by shopping around. Some car insurance carriers are more forgiving and may provide a lower rate. Going through an independent insurance agent from Magruder Agency will provide you with the chance to quickly shop around without going from website to website.

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