What You Need To Know Before Hiring Freelance Contractors For Your Business

With our world ever evolving, especially in the business sector, the traditional ways of operating are now dated and not being used in the mainstream world of business. Fifteen years ago, the majority of people were still getting newspaper delivery’s, big box retailers were at all-time highs, and the technological age was just starting. Flash forward to today, technology is king and those behind the dice will fall victim to the times changing. This applies to using freelance writers for content promoting your business, self-image, and branding. The streamlined services can be a time saver and a huge savings component to your marketing efforts. With more than 54 million people available for one-time projects or even long-term assignments it’s no wonder this is becoming a “go to” for business owners. 

So, how do I get a good freelance contract worker? 

Yes, it is easier to find a plethora of individuals to complete tasks and market your business, but how do you know you’re getting a trusted and reliable source of service? 

Do it right from the start! 

Anytime you hire a freelance contractor, there are a few check points that need to be regarded. Namely, a phone call with the selected person to ask questions such as their experience with your type of work, industry, and general outcomes. Then comes the proof of what they did, ask for specific examples of some work relative to your industry and over a separate time span, this will give you an idea of the actual consistency expected and if it meets your expectations. 

Set time expectations 

Anytime you hire a freelance contractor, the time frame of the expected project needs to be communicated clearly, and the agreed price to be paid either per assignment or project needs to be set up in writing prior to administering the project. Make sure the copyrights to the project or material is defined as who is the owner or proprietary holder. And finally, if expectations are not met, establish what the expected repercussions and outcome will be? You don’t want to pay for something that didn’t meet your business expectations. 

How taxes apply to freelance contractors

Taxes can be especially tricky when it involves contractor work. Referring to the IRS tax guide will be crucial in this process and in determining how to classify your contractor. If done incorrectly, the contractor could fall into a section that involves required healthcare reimbursements or contributions and certain taxes withheld. These simple overlooks can come at a steep cost for any businesses, but surely a small business. So make sure in the initial phone call you establish the proper classification of your freelance contractor and how taxes will be handled. 

As you can see, having an expert in certain fields is not only beneficial to clients, contractors, and business owners but to everyone. That’s why you should always check with your Magruder Insurance agent to review your business insurance policy to ensure your business has proper protections and coverage in place before you decide to hire freelance contract workers.

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