Why An Independent Insurance Agent Is The Way To Go

Insurance is one of those things that is best to have and not need than to not have it and need it. Whether you are insuring a home, car, or business the right insurance is important. Even more so is how you go about getting your insurance coverage. 

Getting a “fast, free quote” online for insurance may satisfy your need for instant answers, but what are you really getting with that quote? Do you truly understand the extend of your coverage or does it just fall within your budget? Too often insurance policy holders are underinsured and don’t realize it. That’s why more people are turning to independent insurance agents to help them select their desired coverage.
The benefits of selecting your coverage through an independent insurance agent includes:

Choices: Independent insurance agents don’t work for insurance companies. Instead, they are licensed to offer coverages from several insurance carriers—providing you with the best selection of a variety of providers, not just one. They are also paid the same commissioned rate by the insurance companies, so they aren’t biased to one provider or another and can give you an unbiased selection of options. This can make insurance carriers more competitive in their pricing (more than they would be on their own website or through their own agent), so you are more attracted to their option. 

Licensed Expertise: Independent insurance agents must be licensed to provide the types of coverages they offer. Whichever insurance product they are licensed for, you know they have received extensive training and education on the ins and outs of that type of insurance regulations. This enables them to easily explain coverages and common insurance jargon in simpler terms. 

Advocators: One of the best reasons to use an independent insurance agent is their drive to ensure their clients are adequately covered. They find out what your needs are for insurance coverages, any budget restrictions, coverage concerns and then help build a package that is just right for you. IN addition, if you are ever unsure about how to file a claim with your insurance carrier, they are always willing to help!

• Close-By: Whenever you have a question, concern, or want to make changes to your policy, your independent insurance is usually closer than a phone call away, typically living and operating their business in your same community.

Contact Magruder Insurance Agency today to discuss your insurance needs, review your coverage, or get a quote for auto, home, life, and more!

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