Insurance of many kinds—car, home, boat, RV, and business—are sold one of three ways. Through an online questionnaire and quote process, by a captive agent, or an independent insurance agent. Surprising to many, independent insurance agents can be the most beneficial choice to purchase insurance through.

Unlike an online form or a captive agent, independent insurance agents have access to several of the leading insurance carriers and many of the smaller insurance companies. No one company holds their allegiance. This means several things for you as a prospective insurance buyer.

  1. You get accurate quotes from several insurance carriers; allowing you to opt for the best policy at the best rate.
  2. Optimized savings when you can instantly compare coverage, discounts, and rates.
  3. You’ll save time searching for the best rate on your own.
  4. If a better rate is discovered down the line, probably by your independent agent, you get to keep your agent!

An independent insurance agent really is free of obligation to any one insurance carrier, so they truly work for you and your best interests. While an independent insurance agent is typically paid through commissions from the carrier you enroll with, the commission fee is normally the same across the board, so you won’t be pushed towards one carrier over another. Purchasing any type of insurance you need through an independent agent guarantees you get unbiased advice.

We mentioned that an independent agent works in your best interest—and we mean it. Your independent insurance agent is made aware of all the “ins and outs” of the industry, including when rates may be rising or when select policies may be changing their coverage. This means you get the heads up of when to adjust your policy and/or carrier accordingly.

There are several ways an independent insurance agent provides personalized care to their clients.

  • They can file the insurance claim on your behalf, minimizing the need for you to deal with automated 800 numbers or overwhelmed customer service agents.
  • They know your needs and those of your family. When first enrolling you into whichever insurance plan you need, your independent insurance agent will get to know you by asking a few questions. This means they may learn about your family size, ages of children, if you just bought a home, and if you have pets. And they remember these things about their clients!

The independent insurance agents at Magruder Agency are here for you. Our goal is to find you the best policies to suit your needs and those of your family. We can help you find the best rates from the top insurance carriers in the industry.

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