Why You Should Be Using An Independent Insurance Agent

A lot of people tend to get their car, home, business, or life insurance without much research or comparison, and in many cases, end up paying ridiculously high rates for very low protection. This is especially true when you enroll online without the help of an independent insurance agent.

Attempting to learn all about the type of insurance you need or should have can be too difficult or time-consuming for most people, and they may wish to outsource this effort to someone else in order to be able to make responsible financial decisions on their behalf.

How An Independent Insurance Agent Can Help You

This is where the concept of an independent insurance agent comes in. An independent agent will sell insurance policies provided by several different companies, rather than pressing on about a single company. This way, you get a broader perspective of the insurance market and what rates you can expect, and you can make a well-informed decision.

Aside from the choice you get in insurance companies, there are several other advantages to using an independent insurance agent to make your decision.

  • An independent agent will work only for you, in exchange for commissions from the insurance company you end up going with (and its usually the same rate for all the companies, so they don’t play favorites).
  • He or she isn’t an employee of any company, and therefore, does not need to be loyal to a specific company. This means that you will get the most unbiased advice.
  • They are also experienced and knowledgeable people, and therefore, they will already have a good idea of what their average client is looking for, and which companies have the best track record for exactly those needs.
  • In addition, since they have information on companies that you may not have, they can offer you proactive advice about the companies. For example, they may offer you direct information on rate changes and better deals, before you can find out about it online and before it’s released.

More Advantages Of An Independent Insurance Agent

Another major advantage is receiving quick quotes from multiple insurance companies right from your independent agent. If you are shopping for a policy, your agent will offer you a summarized list of rates from which you can make an informed decision. The more companies you can check, the better rate you can find that’s tailormade to your needs and expenses. This way, you don’t have to run around doing your homework and you can get a wide variety of companies’ information when you need it. This can be a huge advantage to people who simply don’t have the time to research several companies one by one.

The biggest bonus of all with an independent insurance agent, you will also get a completely personalized service. Your insurance agent will do all the work on your behalf, which can significantly save your time and mental effort. If you want to file for a claim, you can simply outsource all this work to your agent, who has the knowledge and expertise required to know how to best present this claim so it will get accepted. This can prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and short-selling you. Independent insurance agents will ensure that you will get the fair settlement that you deserve.

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