Will My Car Be Covered By Insurance If Someone Else Drives It?

Are you concerned about loaning out your vehicle to your friend? How often have you lent your car to a relative and had the fear of damage to the vehicle haunt you? How many times did you sit behind the wheels of a friend’s car? By and large, the tendency of driving a friend’s, parent’s or relative’s vehicle is quite common. However, the safety concerns during the course of any untoward incident are good enough a reason for people to hover over a few car insurance guidelines.

Will my car be covered by insurance if someone else drives it?

It is quite a common ask these days. Whether or not a car insurance is related to the driver can be explained in the following sentences. A driver or owner of a vehicle needs to remember that insurance follows the car, not the driver. This means that no matter who drives the car, the car must be insured which can be claimed to recover the cost of repair (in the event of a collision or accident).

Who can drive my car?

It is imperative to know the details of who should be listed as driver and who cannot be under the insurance cover.

Following persons would be required to be listed as drivers, as per most of the insurance carriers:

  • Family members residing in one’s household who are licensed.
  • Licensed drivers who are not related to you who are residing in your household.
  • Friends or anyone who is frequently given permission to drive your vehicle and are not covered by any other insurance policy.

It would be an extremely risky decision to allow someone who is not a listed driver to be allowed to drive your vehicle, especially if they are unlicensed or have had their licenses suspended or revoked. Keep in mind that any damage caused by an authorized drive will ultimately be your responsibility.

Contact An Independent Car Insurance Agent For The Best Car Insurance Rates & Advice

Given the complexity of the situation, it is advised that you have proper car insurance coverage with adequate knowledge about the claim specifics. There are certainly several coverage options that not only benefits the vehicle but also the driver and policy holder. One of them is the “Liability Coverage” which can provide coverage if an authorized driver is in an accident.  Speak with an independent car insurance agent to determine the best car insurance policies and coverage types for the known and potential uses of your vehicle.

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