Motorcycle Insurance

Although liability insurance is not mandatory for motorcycle riders, Florida motorcyclists are required to purchase and keep motorcycle liability insurance for three years once they have been found responsible for an accident; the motorcyclist will forfeit his or her license should the law not be obeyed. Since 2000, the State of Florida also requires helmet use by riders under the age of 21 and anyone who does not carry a minimum of $10,000 medical insurance coverage. It is also a good idea to purchase additional insurance for any passengers you may carry.

Choose the Protection That Is Right For You

Coverage options for motorcyclists are similar to auto policies:

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Coverage
Pays for damage to your bike (less the deductible of your policy) caused by things other than a collision with another motorist, vehicle, or object.
Collision Auto Insurance Coverage
Covers the repairs to your motorcycle (less the deductible of your policy) caused by collision with another car or object, or by upset (e.g. loss of control).
Property Damage Liability Coverage
Protects against liability claims for damage to someone else’s car/bike or property.
Bodily Injury Liability Coverage
Coverage for when you are responsible for injury to others, and for your legal defense costs.
Medical Payments Coverage
Pays for certain medical expenses sustained by you or your bike passenger, regardless of who is at fault.
Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Pays for hospital costs and other medical expenses for bodily injury to you and/or your passenger, when injury is caused by an underinsured or uninsured driver.

There are also specialty policies that can be purchased by motorcyclists that benefit their unique needs:

Replacement Coverage
In a severe accident, your bike could be damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired or is deemed a total loss by your insurance agency. Total loss means that the cost of repair will surpass the cost of a new bike. In this situation, with motorcycle insurance, you can get enough investment to buy a new bike.
Accessory & Apparel Coverage
Many bikers put a lot of money into the appropriate gear and accessories for enjoyable riding. An accident can lead to a loss of your helmet, boots, riding leathers (e.g. jacket, vest, chaps, etc.), rain gear, and gloves as well as bike accessories like windshield, foot pegs, and backrests.
Motorcycle Trip Interruption Insurance
Covers meals, lodging expenses, and alternate transportation home if a covered loss occurs 100 miles or more from home. Also includes Towing and Emergency Road Service if your bike breaks down while on your trip.
Custom Motorcycle Insurance
Limited edition bikes, trike conversions, and other customized cycles deserved to be adequately covered while on the road or while on display at a bike show.

Insurance Policies Available For Every Motorcycle Types:

Dual Purpose
Off-Road Motorbikes
Sport Bike
Customized Bikes

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Rider Experience Discount: Once a motorcyclist has had 2 or more years of riding experience, the cost of motorcycle insurance can decrease.
Responsible Owner: Motorcyclists who have been riding for a certain amount of time without filing a claim may become eligible for a discount in their premium.
Multiple Policy Discount: Insure more than one bike, vehicle, or other policy type with the same carrier and you may be eligible for a bundled rate.

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