RV and Motorhome Insurance

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as traveling from the comfort of your own home, especially across the beautiful regions of Florida or beyond. You have all your belongings there with you, and you don’t need to worry about leaving behind handy appliances! Because so many of your personal items are traveling with you, there is always the risk of losing them due to an accident or theft while on the road.
There are many risks when traveling in an RV, camper, or motorhome; getting insurance to address those risks permits you to enjoy your vacation or lifestyle without the stress of worrying.

Motorhome/Camper Insurance Coverage

Recreational vehicles (RVs) include several types of vehicles such as motor homes, motor coaches and travel trailers such as campers, pop-ups, and fifth wheels.
Insurance coverage for an RV is similar to typical auto insurance coverage. PIP, bodily injury liability, and property damage liability are applied to your RV in the same way as to your regular vehicles. However, an RV is not simply a vehicle; it is also a home, and your RV insurance policy should reflect that and protect you from all types of liabilities, including injuries a guest may sustain while inside your motorhome.
Your RV insurance policy should take into account accidents that may occur while the vehicle is parked on a campground, not just while on the road as well as loss to personal belongings.
There are many things to factor in when looking for RV insurance, but we at Magruder Agency want to help. Contact us for an evaluation of your needs and an RV insurance quote.

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